Our Commitment to Sustainability

The Problem

The fashion industry is responsible for 4% of the world's waste, amounting to almost 100 million tons annually. In addition, when considering the environmental impact of the clothing production process, the fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world. This problem is driven by consumer culture, where a constant demand for new styles prompts fashion labels to overproduce. Even when clothes are bought, consumers are wearing them for less time before discarding them, fueling the cycle of demand and overproduction. Combining this with the fact that of all clothing bought, only 15% is donated or recycled, we see that waste exists in all aspects of the fashion industry.

Our Solution

We Buy Lulu focuses on the resale of clothing to increase sustainability in the fashion industry. When consumers decide to purchase their clothing resale, they decrease their demand for new apparel, leading to less production from clothing manufacturers. This not only saves valuable natural resources, but also reduces waste from overproduction. We Buy Lulu asks customers to send us the Lululemon apparel they are no longer wearing in return for a cash offer. We then find buyers for these pieces, giving a new life to this product that would have otherwise been discarded.

Our decision to focus on Lululemon exclusively stems from the fact that the product is extremely durable (has a long lifetime) and has consistent buyers in the resale market. Should you send us clothes that we deem unfit for resale, we will send them back free of charge or happily offer to donate them. In fact, inventory that is not resold within reasonable time is donated to help ensure all of our clothes find a new home.

What You Can Do

Buy Resale

Outside of We Buy Lulu, we encourage that everyone buy a majority of their clothing resale. Doing so helps reduce the amount of clothing discarded as waste. We also encourage the upcycling or repurposing of used clothing.


The best step for increasing sustainability in fashion is to avoid discarding clothing as much as possible. For clothes that cannot be resold or recycled, we strongly recommend consumers donate them to local charities.